Frequent Asked Questions

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What is RB2140-901-52 stands for?

Ans: RB2140 is the model code, 901 is the color code & 52 is the size of the frame.

Sunglasses Info

Are the Sunglasses authentic?

Ans: Yes. If you have queries, email us at

How do I pay?

Ans: You will be contacted via email, message or call. Methods are usually Bank Transfer or Cash on Delivery.

I cannot try, I don’t know my size, how do I know which frame size suits me?

Ans: You can visit the stalls to try first or ask your friends to lend you to try whether the size fits you.

If I need it urgently, how fast can I get it?

Ans: Business day + 3. Cash on Delivery is the fastest, however, there will be an additional $10 charge.

If I buy more than 1 sunglasses, will I have more discounts?

Ans: Base on quantity, there will be further discounts.


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